February 5, 2011

Adding Unique Flavor to my favorite food

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Food is one of the basic needs of every living being on earth. Be it a single-celled bacterium or a trillion-celled human being, food has to be nutritious, tasty, and look good. If food doesn't taste good we just don't feel like eating. This is what happened to me when I moved to the US. I was new and the food tasted so different from what I was used to and I just didn't feel like eating.

That was until I discovered the flavorful TABASCO® Original Red which is not just Heat for heat's sake. Many of my American friends think that Tobasco is nothing but hot sauce, I have explained to them that TABASCO® Original Red is "Much More Than Hot". It is full of flavor, produced by mixing the right combination of salt, red-pepper and vinegar, and aging it for three years so that the sauce becomes a flavorful broth and not just red-pepper extract.

In my experience I have found that a dash of Tobasco makes the entire meal tasty. It makes me eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Be it a pizza, burger, rice, tacos, or vegetables a dash of Tobasco makes everything taste different.

This years game party is being hosted at my place and I am so looking forward to treating my friends to a different Game-Day Party Menu with liberal doses of Tobasco. I am quite certain my friends and party guests will enjoy both the game and the flavorful food.

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