September 21, 2010

Treasure trove of Business and technology knowhow

United States of America is undoubtedly the largest economy in the world. The citizens of this nation are equally rich with several of them being millionaires. This wealth has been generated during the past century. How is it that one nation has been able to accumulate so much wealth in such a short time? The simple answer to this question is business, technological innovations and an immigration policy that welcomes creative, hardworking and intelligent people from across the world to come and live here.

Recently I came across a website which is an online treasure trove of links in business, technology and seasonal. There was an article in the portal titled Free SMS services from, which talks about how one can make money by receiving email, sms. The essay also spoke about how commercial companies can use this service to spread their messages and how individuals can use this online service to send free smses to their friends, family, contacts and business associates. There is no complicated set up instructions or software to be installed or hardware to be purchased.

So long as you have a mobile phone and a computer you can send sms absolutely free. Isn't that great. Now I will stop and let you go out and explore for yourself.

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