February 11, 2010

Textbook Good Samaritan

I have been back at school since early 2008 and what I have discovered is that while school fees are affordable, it is the prohibitive cost of textbooks and other supplies that keep most people out of school. Some of my friends would try to find cheap college textbooks online on community classified websites, others would try to borrow from friends, yet others would try to find textbooks in the library and study from there.

I was in the same boat as most others looking for cheap textbooks. My finances were tight and I really wanted to make straight As in all courses. This was quite a challenge since I didn't have textbooks and was scouring the libraries for them. My success in finding a textbook was not too good and the tests were approaching fast.

Out of the blue I bumped into an old friend of mine and she offered me her used college textbooks for a song. I was extremely happy and thanked her profusely, she simply waved away and said she had completed the course and since the textbooks were idling at home, she'd rather have me make use of them. This came as a big surprise to me, she hadn't sold her textbooks and was willing to sell them to me at a price which was lower than the used book rate in the store.

It was a lucky coincidence that we were both in the library at the same time and I could get the textbooks from her.

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