February 6, 2010

Law enforcement at its extreme!

We saw in the movie Minority Report how efficient law enforcement can even prevent crimes from taking place. That kind of pre-crime division has not been set up yet, but there are cities where law enforcers will arrest people for even the smallest mistakes. I recently read this article about a school girl in New York who was arrested for doodling on her desk. According to the report the girl was only 12 and she was escorted in handcuffs to the police station.
I really don't know how the school "outsourced" the disciplining students aspect to the police. Doodling or scribbling on the desk is a matter for schools to deal with and not the police. The management, teachers, and staff, particularly the counseling, should take care of the matter. Ideally the girl needs to be spoken to and made aware of the problems that could raise from her doodling and why it is not appreciated. This would probably help the student learn a valuable lesson in her life.

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