February 5, 2010

Internet - A Basic Necessity of Life

Food, clothing and shelter are considered as life's basic necessities. For life in the modern world's teeming metros Internet is often considered a basic necessity. Everything from shopping for grocery to studying for school to looking for a job, all require the use the of internet.

Personally speaking I use the internet for pretty much everything. The use of internet started for me started off as a communication tool with e-mail and slowly progressed to browsing the net for information. Looking back at the way internet has changed, it is truly amazing. Starting off in dial up mode, now we can get directly linked to a satellite and connect to the internet.

With corporations competing for customers, more and more firms are offering cheap satellite internet connections for homes and offices. Satellite internet is faster for blogging, uploading pictures, downloading music, watching movies/ television online.

My favorite online activity is to watch movies and listen to music. I would have probably watched about 100 movies in the past few months. Almost everyday I watch a movie, listen to new music, blog, twitter and communicate with prospective employers, friends, and family. Internet is also a great place to make money. There are numerous opportunities through which one can make money, surveys, paid e-mails, advertising, offers, etc all help me in this quest.
Summing up I would say that internet is as basic a need as food, clothing and shelter.

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