February 13, 2010

Enhancing Truck Performance

Texas is often referred to as the land of trucks, because people here just love these large automobiles. In the pre-automobile era horses ruled the roost, but now with these large trucks hitting the road, Texans want nothing but a big truck.

There are truck enthusiasts who super tune their vehicles to derive greater performance and also give their trucks a unique feel. One of the most common ways to enhance performance of a truck is by installing a new air intake. By doing so the truck will get more air into the combustion chamber and the fuel will burn more efficiently and give more muscle to the vehicle. The price of an air intake unit available in the market can range from as low as $57.24 or as high as $399.20. What is best for your truck is for you to decide based on what you wish to do with your truck.

Then you can install a performance chip. Though all trucks come with a stock chip, enthusiasts are just not content with them. Truck owners interested in increasing and monitoring their truck performance install these units that start from $41.60. When you see a fancy truck running faster than other stock trucks on the road, remember the performance chip.

Then there is the exhaust, another important part when it comes to performance tuning. Some truck owners install the cat back exhaust because it empties the emissions quicker and moves faster. This also changes the sound of the truck.

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