January 4, 2010

More Exotic Creatures

Continuing my post on the animals I saw at the Houston Zoo I would like to say that this zoo is one sprawling and crowded location. Considering the number of visitors the zoo is raking in a sizable revenue in entry tickets, parking, merchandise sales, memberships, etc. This is one great marketing model that they have adopted. Despite having a similar sprawling zoo in my home state the management has not been able to generate that much revenue, because marketing systems have not been established. I wish the attitude of government officials in India would change and they would start thinking about making money for the government instead of their own pockets. I am sure then institutions in India will also grow in leaps and bounds to become comparable globally.

Here are some more pictures of the zoo animals.
Exotic species in Houston Zoo Colorful water birds in Houston Zoo Ducks in Houston Zoo Deer in Houston Zoo

This exotic mammal looks like it has been branded (see the plastic near the ear) like cattle. Poor thing it seems hungry....


Anonymous said...

Just a few comments about your post. The Houston Zoo covers a total of 55 acres..not exactly "sprawling." Parking in Hermann Park is free. The Zoo does not manage the parking - that's under management of the Parks Department, so there is no revenue stream from that. That is not a deer it's a Dorcas gazelle and he's very well fed, thank you. And he's not branded. Where did you get that idea?
A puzzled Zoo employee.

Sahasi said...

Thanks for the comment. I had to pay for parking near the Zoo.
Thanks for clarifying the identification of the animal. The red contraption around the animal's ear is what made me think it was branded and it definitely looks like it is searching for food amid the sand.