October 26, 2009

Houston Rodeo - A Must-see Texas Attraction

Texas is famous world over as the land of cowboys and horses. With the advent of automobiles and many mechanical devices the role of cowboys has reduced to being in the media, hollywood, and during festivals. It is said that everything is big in Texas and so is the festivals that take place here.

I moved to Texas a year ago and since then I have been looking forward to visit the Houston Rodeo which is reputedly the biggest annual livestock and horse show. The event staged every March attracts enthusiasts from across the country. The Houston Rodeo is ranked as the largest in the world attracting over 1 million visitors. That is quite a sea of humanity.

One of the major attractions of the rodeo is the concerts which take place every evening after the rodeo events are closed. Tickets to concerts at the Houston Rodeo are a premium, considering that the best and biggest names in country, rock, hip hop and latin music will be playing and entertaining visitors. The performances are done on a rotating stage so that everyone can get a clear view of the artists. Past performers have included names such as Bon Jovi, Miley Cyrus, Hanah Montana, Toby Keith, Brooks & Dunn, Beyonce, Maze, and ZZ Top.

Now would you want to miss any of these concerts? I wouldn't!!!

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