October 26, 2009

Acquiring New Skills to Cope up with the economy!!!

This past two years has seen millions being laid off from their jobs. Small business owners closing down and entering the job market. Several people who lost jobs are trying to reenter the job market without much success. For these people there is however a ray of hope. Some professions are thriving even in this economy and this is the right time to go back to school and get equipped with new skills. I have heard of a College Chicago which is expertly churning out students ready to take the career switch required to make it to the top in this economy.

One of the fields where there is constant requirement for new people is in the restaurant and hotel industry. If you are interested in cooking and wish to promote your own signature restaurant or maybe you want to work for a leading star hotels. Either way a degree in culinary arts business course would equip you with the necessary knowledge and help you acquire skills to excel in your job.

Another area in which people are always being recruited is in the business development, marketing, sales, and other business areas. To get into this field you need to be smart and also go to one of the leading business schools and get a degree. Some people believe that business skills need to be learned on the field rather than in the classroom. While it is correct that a large part of business can be acquired on the field, but in the process you will be making the same mistakes thousands of people made. Taking business courses will help you learn to avoid most of these mistakes and thus get ahead in your business or job quicker.

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