September 2, 2009

Know Your Money Before You Spend It!!!

The most important thing for life anywhere in the world is money. It is another matter that while one is very young there are no money problems. As one grows older there never seems enough money to live and hence people often get into personal debt due to various reasons. Some get into debt to pay for college, others get into debt to buy a home, get married, travel, buy cars, and a host of other reasons. Once in debt it is a constant struggle to pay it off and get financially independent. I have been in debt earlier and know the tensions and mental unrest that I went through till got rid of the debt.

Now in my new phase of life I will be getting into debt again when I go to college and this time I would like to be better prepared. I would like to learn more about how to efficiently pay off my loan and that too in a short time. Meanwhile I want to avoid getting into credit card debts and learn about stock market and investment strategies to maximize my savings. With my meager earnings I try and save a few dollars here and there. I would like to make sure that it multiples and I could use the extra earnings to pay of debts.

I believe that Young Money Magazine resources will help me learn all these tricks of the trade and become financially independent sooner than later.