September 9, 2009

Find the Right Health Insurance!!!

It is impossible to live in the US without having several insurance policies. We need insurance for life, automobile, health, dental, vision, and home (even if you are renting). If one is employed in a medium to large sized corporation health insurance comes as part of the package. Suppose you are not employed then getting health insurance can be quite a challenge.

Every company has different rates, plans, and fees and each one more confusing than the other. In this conundrum is a brand new website which helps individuals like you to get and compare Health Quotes from various carriers including and not limited to United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and Aetna. The best part of this service is that it is completely free.

Just think of it you could get an insurance quote for yourself and your family or travel health insurance or even a group health insurance quote at the click of a button and that too absolutely free. I think this is a wonderful service for lot of us who are shopping for insurance.

Personally speaking, being self employed I found it mind-boggling to get and compare quotes from so many companies. I could finalize on my insurance plan and provider only after I had spent several hours studying and talking to my friends and family. I wish I had known about this unique website, it would have saved many hours.

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