September 30, 2009

Consumer Receivable Portfolio Buying!!!

During the past couple years of economic downturn banks, telecom corporations, credit card companies and similar organizations are facing a major problem of defaulting customers. People who have been laid off or lost jobs due to other reasons are just now willing and able to pay off their debts to the lenders and service providers. This is creating a financial crunch in the market. In order to bail the banks and organizations out of this crises, companies such as Cavalry Portfolio Services have stepped in and purchased these receivable portfolios.

The clients include banks, credit card issuers, telecommunication companies, consumer lending firms, and automobile finance companies. The creditors are finding it so easy now to concentrate on their core business and not worry about this receivables and collections. This has actually given rise to a Cavalry Portfolio Services Fan page where companies and individuals are happy to be bailed out. Who will not be happy to get the monies that are owed to them? This company has actually done a big favor to companies who would otherwise have been in deep financial trouble due to un-recovered receivables.

You can find Cavalry Portfolio Services on Linkedin to learn more about their services in credit collections and how they manage their portfolios and how individuals and creditor companies can benefit from their services. In this economy every dollar earned is two saved and it is better to collect debts and get cash rich than chase after new business opportunities.

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