September 14, 2009

Colling Effect Settling In

I have been living in DFW area of Texas since the past 2 years and I have noticed that this place experiences extremes in temperature. Searing hot summers and freezing cold winters and there are transition months on both sides of the spectrum when the weather is great. Those 4 months of transition are the best parts of the year.

The way the transition occurs is interesting to note. Texas is also the land of tornados and thunderstorms. Being a praire land heavy winds blow across the region quite frequently. Summer disappears giving way into fall and winter by bringing in few thunderstorms. Until last weekend the weather was hot and almost inhospitable, even at 8.00 pm the sun would be blazing in the sky forcing us to remain indoors in air conditioned comfort.

Starting last Friday thunderstorms hit the region and it rained pretty much 24 hrs a day through the weekend and cooled the land. After a long time I heard myself say that rain is better than heat. I look forward to the next month and half when the weather will be pleasant and sunny with a little wind chill. Then the biting cold wave will sweep across the region forcing back into the warm confines of our homes.

The transition from winter to summer is similar too. There are thunderstorms to mark the end of winter and the beginning of summer. I prefer the change from summer to winter anytime than the opposite.

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