August 18, 2009

Root Cause of Swine Flu (Spoof)

In the recent past there have been outbreak of animal based diseases among humans. First it was Anthrax, then it was bird flu and now it is bird flu. Ever wonder why this kind of phenomenon is occurring? I got this forwarded e-mail with a series of pictures which tried to explain Swine Flu. The mail lead me on a thought process and then I wondered if the excessive love for animals displayed by caring humans, especially the overwhelmingly affectionate westerners is one of the prime reasons for humans contracting animal diseases??

I am no expert on veterinary science or in medicine and hence there is no technological thought or scientific inquiry for this analogy. This is just a thought which came into my mind after seeing the pictures on the forwarded e-mail.

Whether it provides a solution for understanding Swine Flu or not, the mail definitely brings a smile on our faces. The ultimate reason for life is happiness and jokes is one way to be happier than we are.
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