August 25, 2009

Feeding Underprivileged to keep them in School

Rural India faces the challenge of abject poverty. The biggest casualty for this is education of children. Parents feel that their kids are better off working and feeding themselves than going to school which is an expense. In order to prevent this from happening the government supported by a nonprofit organization known as Akshya Patra has launched the mid-day meal scheme. Under this program every school going child from kindergarten to class X will get a full meal while at school. Of course feeding millions of children on a daily basis is not easy. Akshaya Patra has several donors who wish to contribute and help in this massive effort of feeding children.
The scheme now touches one million children across the country. In order to celebrate this landmark achievement and also as a fundraiser, a banquet has been arranged. Details are in this poster feel free to get in touch with the organizers and help build a better world.

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