July 8, 2009

Concrete can be decorative and artistic!!!

One of the fantastic inventions of the modern world is concrete, which has a multitude of applications in construction of pretty much everything. Homes, offices, roads, sidewalks, etc are all either built or strengthened with concrete. But I have seen that few companies have innovated and gone further from plain concrete to creating attractive and decorative works with concrete. These companies use vivid colors and myriad patterns to create Decorative Concrete acid staining concepts which give an additional allure to the building.

When I visited California last year I saw that San Diego area has some fantastically designed concrete structures. It made me wonder whether concrete has become the new medium for artists in San Diego. It seemed that everything built of concrete in San Diego had an artistic touch to it. I now understand that there are different applications to concrete. It can be structural giving strength to buildings, roads, walls, etc; concrete can be used in streets for paving, landscaping and other purposes too. Then there is of course the new concept of concrete design San Diego which includes reactive coloration, micro toppings, grinding, polishing and other treatments to make buildings, walls and other structures look beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

One thing becoming aware of the possibilities in concrete changed my opinion about concrete.

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