June 22, 2009

Water - The Elixir of Life

houston-oct-4- 006, originally uploaded by srinidhilv.

This is my opinion and I may be biased because I am born in a water sign. The presence of a water body however small it may be simply enhances the scenery. One thing I have noticed since arriving in the US is that these guys have a huge resource of water at their disposal. Though pretty much one river (Colorado, Trinity, Rio Grande, etc) provides water to the entire west coastal states of the US, enough dams/ reservoirs have been created to water and nurture the millions who live in these regions.
There is no scarcity of water in the US, in fact there is excess and people don't realize that water is a finite resource and if the abuse continues there may be come a day, when water will be pumped into homes only few hours a day, like in most third-world nations.
One thing I like about the water management here is that natural water bodies are usually not killed. They are modified and retained like the pond in this picture. Sited bang in the heart of Downtown Houston, this water body is the hangout spot for many Houstonians while they take break during lunch/ smoke etc.

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