June 23, 2009

Rocky hill near Chittor

Rocky hill near Chittor, originally uploaded by srinidhilv.

Living in the US, I enjoy relative comforts. Driving better cars, living in a more comfortable home. Easy registration into college, easily making 100 points, etc. But there is something that I continue to miss about my home country, India. The rugged landscapes such as the rocky cliffs in the above picture.

This rugged rocky hill appears to the right side of the road on the Chittor Bypass. Every time I go to Tirupathi I see this hill and wonder when I am going to climb the hill but still haven't gotten around to climb the hill. Hopefully Will do it someday soon. Winter would be the ideal time to climb the hill as the weather will be congenial and not too sultry. Summers can dehydrate you and it can be traumatic to climb this hill.

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