June 29, 2009

Realistic Toys for Children

Children are fond of toys, boys of cars and girls of babies and dolls. One thing that can be commonly liked by both little boys and little girls is a dollhouse. Boys would like to build and break down these houses while the girls would prefer to pretend living in them with their dolls.

What's interesting is that over the past few decades an entire industry has been created around these dolls, dollhouses and toys for children. Now a child can actually get a complete house with all specifications, the only difference would be that it would be a scaled down. For example I came across this online stores which exclusively retails dollhouses and accessories.

I wanted to buy a nice present for my friends child and hence started browsing. What completely amazed me was the store's vast inventory that included things like dollhouse bathroom accessories. I am pretty sure that kids who play with these toys will grow up to be exceptionally smart and architecturally oriented.

I particularly liked the Contemporary Ranch Dollhouse Kit, which features four bedrooms, skylights, walls, roof, doors and all the things necessary to build your own dollhouse. Looking at the kit and reading the instructions made me wish I was a kid and spend hours with this model kit. The array accessories available for this model and other dollhouses is simply mind-boggling. Things such as miniature hair dryer, bath linens, miniature candles, dining sets, bedroom sets, etc are all available custom built for dollhouses.

My favorite section in this online store however is specials where one can find superb bargains on dollhouse accessories such as miniature pink satin floral sofa, Hansson miniature Americana end table, Hansson Miniature Americana Stool and a host of other exotic products. Like I said before I think today's children are very fortunate to have all these fantastic toys at their disposal.

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