June 24, 2009

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon 019, originally uploaded by srinidhilv.

During my adolescence and youth I was a big fan of western movies, books and travelogues. The geographical landmark that had enthralled and intrigued me the most during those years was the Grand Canyon. Being a born day-dreamer many a time while reading books or watching television programs on Grand canyon, I would go into a reverie. In my mind I would be walking around the area, exploring the nooks and corners of the canyon; river rafting down the rapids of the Colorado river, camping beside the frothing waters, visiting "Native American" Reservations; and interacting with the wild tribes who were mistaken to be us (Indians from India) and continue to be named after us.
In 2007 when I landed in the US with my then fiance and now wife, we drove from California to Texas visiting several interesting landmarks enroute. The biggest and most spectacular of course was the Grand Canyon.
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